My name is Jana Hugo, I’m a 19 year old student at the University of Cape Town majoring in Film, Media and Gender Studies.

This blog was created for my 2nd year Media and Writing course, but also serves as a way for me to learn more about a medium that is new to me. I’m interested in documenting the recent resurgence in film photography and the #filmisnotdead movement that rekindled the film photography flame (that’s a mouthful). This blog also provides a space for me to feature the work of some of the talented young film photographers in Cape Town – keep your eyes peeled!

Film is a medium I was familiar with only because I’d grown up watching my parents take photos on film (before the onset of affordable digital cameras). But, about a year ago, after months of searching, I managed to find my parents’ old film camera -a Pentax Espio 160 compact. It is what I will be using to shoot most of my photos unless stated otherwise.

As an extremely sentimental person, the tactile nature of film photography is appealing to me and is why I wish to take up this new hobby.

When I’m not taking photos, I’m writing in my journal, avoiding pigeons (Satan’s gift to mankind) or whispering sweet nothings to my beloved plants.

Me being terrorized by pigeons. Captured on a Kodak disposable by my friend Annie.